Ingraining The Art Of Sharing In Kids

Polly! give me my Doll and don’t dare to touch it. Don’t you know this is mine?” This kind of conversations is very common among children. They do not tend to share their things with others. They cannot even be blamed for this because it is a human nature to claim the things that is solely yours with a roaring voice. Though, it is one of the hard jobs to deal with toddlers, but it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how to share their things with others. Young children tend see the entire world through the views of their completely own wants and needs. They show their extreme Stubbornity when they are taught something that they are not in very much favor of. There should be a motivating cause that helps them to learn and become more capable and self-determining.

There are many ways with the help of which you can teach your child the art of sharing. Children copy their parents from a very beginning of their life. They learn what their parents do and observe every move of their parents. Therefore, before you teach something to your child, make sure that you yourself are in the right place. Try to share your things, with other family members, so that your child will think it is quite normal to share your own things with others. Everyday ask your children to share their tiffin with their friends before they leave for school. Keep on repeating this until and unless they make it a habit to share their food with their mates. When your children are at home, sometimes ask them to share a part of their lunch with their sibling. If you have two kids, do not always offer chocolates to both of them. At times, give them one and ask to share it.

The art of sharing things should be strictly taught to the single children because, since they are the only kid of their parents, therefore they think that nobody else can touch the things that belong to them. They do not think of a world beyond them and their parents. In schools, children are taught to share every activity with their classmates or schoolmates. This way kids learn may of the things in schools that they do not learn completely at their home. They should be taught the bright sides of sharing their stuffs with others.

It is pretty natural if initially they show their reluctance in offering a share of their own stuff with others. Later, when they get used to it, they sub-consciously will feel like sharing anything they have with others. It helps them to socialize with others easily when they grow up. Teaching the art of sharing is not an easy job for any parent or teacher, moreover if the tot is not interested at all. Grasping and snatching stuffs from others is a common happening. In such cases, do not make your children keep quite by scolding them. By doing so, they become more stubborn. Rather, try to make this one an interesting learning activity than something that bothers them.