Consider The Climate Before Choosing a Preschool in Bukit Timah

Before you choose a preschool, you should also consider the climate in the area first. Of course, this is to make sure that your child is in a safe environment and also so that you and your child can be prepared for the typical weather conditions or climate in the area. Bukit Timah is a mere 1.5 degrees north of the Equator so the weather for Schools in Singapore such as in bukit timah is usually sunny with no distinct seasons. Rain falls almost daily throughout the year, usually in sudden, heavy showers that rarely last longer than an hour. However, most rainfall occurs during the northeast monsoon, which is from November to January, and occasionally featuring lengthy spells of continuous rain. Spectacular thunderstorms can occur throughout the year, normally in the afternoons, so it’s wise for you and your child to carry an umbrella at all times, both as a shade from the sun or cover from the rain.

Between May and October, forest fires in neighboring Sumatra can also cause a dense haze, although this is unpredictable and comes and goes rapidly. Make sure that you check the National Environment Agency’s site for current data. The temperature for preschools in bukit timah averages around 30 degrees Celsius or 84 degrees Fahrenheit at daytime and 24 degrees Celsius or 76 degrees Fahrenheit at night throughout December until January. While for the rest of the year, it averages around 32 degrees Celsius or 90 degrees Fahrenheit at daytime and 26 degrees Celsius or 81 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

The high temperature and humidity, combined with the lack of wind can make it uncomfortable for children going to Childcare Preschool in bukit timah. But don’t worry because most of the preschools in bukit timah are air-conditioned. Just make sure that your child does not spend more than about one hour outdoors because it can be very exhausting.

Preschool is an important part of your child’s life and it can be very stressful for them to be in an unfamiliar environment let alone and uncomfortable one. It’s important to make sure that your child is comfortable with the environment at his or her Preschool Singapore in bukit timah – not only the classroom environment but also the environment outside the classroom. Having a comfortable preschool environment will ensure that your child will have a great preschool experience.

If you decide to enroll your child at a preschool in bukit timah, make sure that she or he wears comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the climate in the area. Checking the weather reports will help you decide if you’re child should wear a jacket or not. And don’t forget to give your child his or her own umbrella to shade him or her from the sun or rain.